Real friendship outlasts trials, tribulations, breakups, estrangement, and even illness. No matter what happens, it still stands strong when the smoke clears. For as much as the music of LOVE BY NUMB3RS charts a course through eloquent alternative, dusty blues, graceful folk, and rootsy rock, it also turns the page on the next chapter of three longtime friends and collaborators. After 15 years of friendship, countless memories, two albums and a 100-plus shows in Gypsy Tailwind, the trio—co-vocalists Dan Connor and Anna Lombard joined by her partner and multi-instrumentalist Jon Roods—thread together an unforgettable journey on their independent full-length debut, Parachute.  

This chapter began in 2019 when Dan reached out to Jon and Anna about potentially recording an album. At the time, Anna and Jon had slowly started assembling a home studio. Dan shared early ideas, and the trio fashioned them into songs. Anna and Dan split vocals with Jon not only playing bass and drums, but producing, engineering, and mixing the album. Locking into “a magical connection,” they instantly hit their stride.

Dan’s discography spans Dan Connor and Friends, Goud’s Thumb, The Sense, and, of course, Gypsy Tailwind. He and Anna elevated Gypsy Tailwind to national renown, while Anna thrived as a solo artist and in the critically acclaimed Armies. Meanwhile, Jon co-founded now-legendary Maine rock band Rustic Overtones (as well as Armies alongside Anna) and spent nearly three decades touring and recording with the group. After all of this, they’re at home in LOVE BY NUMB3RS.

LOVE BY NUMB3RS’ sophomore EP “Colours” is on its way with a release date of November 18, 2021.  Their first single for the title track will be available on all digital streaming outlets September 24, 2021 following the release of it’s official music video earlier that week. “Colours” denotes the next chapter for LBN leading up to a proper full length album in March of 2022. 

It’s not easy to single out any individual’s contribution but there is some lovely bass playing and some gorgeous guitar lines subtly sprinkled through the excellent, sinewy, soulful mix. The vocals, however, absolutely deserve to be singled out. Anna Lombard has such a rich and emotive voice, and she appears to be able to switch from breathy, sensuality to spine-tingling power in an instant. Her fabulous performance is only one of many reasons to give this track and the band’s forthcoming EP a listen. But there’s more… this impressive trio are not just outstanding musicians and songwriters, they’re also blessed with a fine production design sensibility when it comes to pulling together an arresting video. Utilising their own production talents and the resources and physical spaces around them… you’re looking at a band that’s properly creative in every department.”  Cam Fraser, Americana UK.


North American release November 19, 2021


Can’t Lie Like This

Oak Tree

All Falls Down

The Beat Goes On


Recorded at South Ranch Records
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering
Album artwork by Walter Craven
Photography by Cam Jones